Terry Redlin on back of marker


Uprights, Slants, Bevels and Flat Markers

Choose from contemporary or traditional styles, colors and designs.
We can work together to create a personal memorial for you or a loved one.

Muth bench

Benches and Seats

The invitation to sit and relax is often the reason benches are installed in public places. They often are commemorative and gives someone a place to rest and contemplate. The cemetery monument bench can provide that same invitation.


Bronze Markers

Matching VA Bronze Plaques.



Granite, Bronze and Aluminum vases are available in multiple colors to compliment your memorial. Ask us about available emblems.



Figural or sculpture pieces can tell a part of a person’s story. Mainly bronze or other metals are the most durable, but white marble is very popular.



Just as a cemetery memorial is intended to mark a place, and tell a story, so does a Commercial Sign. Granite being one of the most durable materials makes it a must for consideration. Parks, cemeteries, Churches, apartments, and business sites, are some of the locations that have decided on this tough durable, but very custom material.¬†Granite or Quartzite “Catori” stone as seen here.


Pet Memorials

To many, losing a pet is a highly emotional event. A wish for a memorial to their memory and the joy they brought us is only a natural extension of the grief process. Use your pet’s photo to create a laser etched stone or tile.